Eyy y'all. Welcome to my website place where I put cool stuff sometimes. Probably. I actually just made it and am making it right now so idk. Anyway I just feel like writing some stuff rn so that the page seems less empty so I'm gonna do that ok? ok. It's not like you actually had a choice but wuddevar. I think that I won't stop writing for a little while until I have a nice paragraph going. That would be cool. At this point nobody's reading any more so it doesn't really matter what I put. If you are, congratulations! You win nothing. You can keep reading though. Why stop now if you've come so far? I ask myself that every day. No I don't. I don't ask myself too much. I probably should. What do you think? You can go to that 'contact' link, and if I've set it up, then you'll be able to tell me what you think. Otherwise, it probably will just give you an error. 'Error 404: page not found' or something. You probably already knew that. That's a pretty famous error that happens whenever you go to a link that doesn't have an actual page. Anyway, why are you still reading? Do you just really like reading or something? If so, you should try a book. They require a lot of reading. Well, I think this paragraph is long enough that it fills up a decent amount of space, but at this point, I'm on a roll. Why should I stop now? I ask myself that every day. No I don't. Now I'm repeating myself. Is this entertaining? Is it boring? It must be entertaining if you made it this far. I wonder what you think. You can tell me if you click the 'contact' button. If I've set it up yet. Or you can move on to another page. Try the 'About' page. That has plenty of information about this website as well as your favorite person with two thumbs and a website, this guy! [Insert photo of me pointing at myself with the two thumbs that I definitely have] That joke is too old. Maybe I shouldn't be continuing to write. It's after 2 am. I probably think this is funnier than it is. I wonder if I've made a typo yet. If you find any typos, you can notify me after I set up the contact button. Are you aware of how I'm writing this? It's in visual studio code. This program is really only meant to deal with relatively short lines, but this whole paragraph is actually in a single line. That means that I have to scroll to the beginning or end of the text when I want to chnage something. It's really not a good system. Maybe I could copy and paste something from another document, or use another text editor, which I might do in the future, but it doesn't really seem worth it.
Hey, you should look at the rest of the website. This really isn't all that there is. That would be a really boring website. Imagine a whole website that's just a page full of text. That sounded like I was calling something out but I wasn't. I feel like that would have been a good one though. Anyway, my point is; There's more stuff to do here than read. There are games. Games! Like video games. Who doesn't prefer video games over reading. And if you are reading, then why are you doing it online? Like, if you're gonna read, read a book or a magazine or something. Then you don't have to feel bad about wasting time online even though you were reading. I feel like writing this is a bad idea. It might drive people away. I don't know what's gonna happen, but whatever. It's fine. Ok writing this was so fun that I made a page just dedicated to writing like this. If you liked reading this, then maybe you'll enjoy reading whatever stuff I end up putting there. Anyway, that's just about gonna wrap up this little bunch of text here. Nice job making it to the end, now please enjoy these photos I found on google of kittens, go get a life and stop reading random bits of text you find on the internet. Thank you, I'm sorry, You're an idiot, I can't believe you've done this, what are those, gottem, dab, whatever other dead memes you can think of, goodbye, peace, I'm out, signing off, why can't I just finish this? Let me stop. Please. Help. Ok seriously. Like actually no more words. This is enough text. I've done enough writing. I need to get on to making the website. Auf wiedersehen, Aloha, Ciao, etc., fin.